Algae Pharm


At Algae Pharm we use a phototropic cultivation system which uses a high amount of natural sunlight to grow the Nannochloropsis Oculate strain of microalgae. We have partnered with leading Australian Universities to develop a method of farming microalgae.

Microalgae has recently gained considerable worldwide interest due to the increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits and variety of uses for nutritional needs of humans, animals and fish.

Our microalgae is grown under the perfect environmental conditions in Queensland, Australia. The constant sunlight, stable climate, as well as clean unpolluted air in Queensland are critical to successful and sustainable microalgae production.

Algae Pharm Production Flow Chart

These conditions also allow us to grow and process a variety of microalgae species.

Microalgae is believed to be the most sustainable source of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as dietary supplements such as astaxanthin and beta-carotene. Traditionally this was harvested from fish that have taken the Omega-3 from the algae they have eaten.

Our process does not impact on the fish and we are able to take the algae direct to Omega-3 fatty acid benefits.

Algae Pharm Production Process